November 2014  
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Recently someone spoke to a friend about the fact that their child attends a Christian school. "Why would you want to send your child to a Christian school?", the friend responded. What is it that causes families to make the sacrifices necessary to send their children to a Christian school when there are many public schools available for free? There are three main reasons why so many families make this choice.

For the atmosphere: Christian schools provide a place where the student's faith will not be torn down or demeaned. Rather it will be strengthened and matured. A Christian school is not a collection of perfect people, but a life laboratory where students can safely learn to make right choices in life. Christian schools provide environment where students feel accepted, safe, and valued. Also parents can feel sure that the teachers are reinforcing biblical concepts such as Creationism, heterosexual marriage, proper view of material possessions, etc. People who think public schools are "good enough" probably haven't been inside a public school or observed a class in session for many years. Today's public schools are not what you remember them to be from the 1960's.

For the academics: While there are many good-performing public schools, most students do better with smaller class sizes and teachers who provide more personal attention. Some people think of Christian schools as producing mediocre graduates, but the facts don't bear this out. Graduates of Christian schools receive millions of dollars in scholarships each year to our nation's most prestigious and recognized colleges and universities.

For the investment: Most parents want to see their children succeed in many ways and to a level that the parents have not reached. They see providing a Christian school education as a means to offer their children a chance to develop a strong faith and moral compass that will guide them all their lives. Parents only have one chance to get this right. Saving a few dollars now may provide years of heartbreak later when children live out the unbiblical and damaging lifestyles they learned from their education.

We invite you to stop in and take a tour of GCA to learn why Gahanna Christian just might be the right fit for your child!

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