Gahanna Christian Academy Kindergarten Program

The purpose of our Kindergarten is to help students know that school is an exciting place to learn new things and to feel successful. We know that most young students come to school ready to grow and learn. With that in mind, our program is designed to challenge their curious and creative minds. Our desire is to help students sense the presence of God throughout their studies.

Language Arts Readiness

The language arts curriculum includes materials from Houghton Mifflin. This approach combines a traditional phonics program with a literature-based program. There is a balance of solid phonics base with knowledge of letters and sounds, digraphs, blends, along with basic sight words to build fluent readers. Literature is presented to help students become excited about books and printed materials. In addition, it is also important for the Kindergarten student to grow in comprehension, listening, speaking and writing skills. We are amazed at how much Kindergarteners can achieve in building language skills in one year!

Math Readiness
Children use manipulatives, engage in discussions, and work in cooperative groups to help one another learn. The curriculum teaches skills in number recognition sequencing concepts, logical and analytical thinking skills, calendar, measurement, temperature, time, money, classifying shapes, patterning, graphing, counting, story problems, concepts of addition and subtraction and much more.

Other Curriculum
In daily Bible class, the students learn about God and creation, sin entering our world, choices in the family, and the character of Jesus. The stories highlight Biblical truth, scriptural principles, and are full of real life application. The students also attend chapel and worship with other students each week. Health, science, and social studies are taught throughout the year through special units of study and projects. The children will learn about God and our country through songs, pledges and activities. Additional subjects: physical education, art and music are taught by specialists in their fields. Play is incorporated within group educational activities so children learn as they play. All parts of our program are designed to be appropriate for the spiritual, educational, physical, and social development of the kindergarten child. Our Kindergarten is an exciting place to be!

Reading Program
Gahanna Christian Academy is striving for excellence. In reviewing our reading program, we found that in order to strengthen those students in the higher grade levels, we need to begin with the foundation. The foundation is kindergarten through second grade. For the 2015-2016 we will be implementing a very strong reading program. This program is, "Superkids Reading Program." For more information, please click here

Gahanna Christian Academy Lower Elementary Program

The first and second grade program at Gahanna Christian Academy teaches students the solid fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics. Our desire is to help students develop a sense of God's presence in their learning; thus, the Bible is the common thread woven throughout all courses of study. Our elementary school follows a traditional style classroom setting; however, teachers help students learn through a variety of approaches to meet the needs of different learning styles. As the year progresses, fascinating units of study flood the classrooms and hallways to promote student interest and learning.

We desire students to not only know the facts, but have a clear understanding of mathematical concepts. With our math program student confidence grows as students receive direct instruction in math reasoning and problem solving. Math skills are taught with using hands-on approach to move students from more concrete examples to the abstract.

Language Arts
Reading lessons are presented within lively and fascinating themes. To complete our language arts curriculum listening, communication, reading, spelling and sentence writing skills are integrated in the total Houghton Mifflin Program. We emphasize the use of phonics as an essential word recognition tool for beginning readers. Vocabulary, fluency and comprehension are also recognized as very important aspects of building capable readers. In second grade, composition, grammar, and oral communication skills are further built within our curriculum. Additionally, students may be involved in the ACSI spelling and speech meets each year.

Other Curriculum
In Bible class, students learn about God through the lives of major characters and events. These stories highlight basic Bible truths, scriptural principles, and character qualities. Students attend chapel to worship with other students once a week. We teach love of country and care of our world through the social studies and science programs. The students are also stimulated and excited to be scientists as they make discoveries with dynamic themes and hands on activities. We also teach health, safety, and manners. In addition to these subjects music, art, and physical education are taught by specialists in their fields. Additional reading help is available in our Learning Center for those who qualify. The Wings Program is for students who need an extra challenge. The lower elementary grades focus on the foundational building blocks of learning in a way that sparks a love for lifelong learning.

Gahanna Christian Academy Upper Elementary Program

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men." Luke 2:52

Jesus, the model student, gave us a perfect pattern to guide the growth and development of children mentally, physically and spiritually. Throughout the upper elementary grades our goal is to not only challenge students academically, but to invest in teaching the whole child. Our upper elementary program supports students in the transition from primary to intermediate achievement levels. Whereas younger children spend most of their school hours learning to read, the older student's emphasis is directed toward reading to learn. More is expected of students with independent work, study skills, written work, and critical thinking skills to encourage the student to use the abilities God gave them.

In the upper elementary we use Sadlier math which:
• Builds algebra skills throughout the elementary years
• Offers literacy-based math
• Develops math vocabulary
• Meets and exceeds Ohio state standards
• Raises test scores
The program builds upon foundational skills and concepts and then challenges students to a broader spectrum of mathematical processes s and reasoning.

Language Arts
The Houghton Mifflin curriculum was chosen to facilitate the reading and comprehension development of intermediate students. The teachers share Christian beliefs and attitudes desirable for our children's lives as they read the story selections. Selections from classical literature and works of notable children's authors build a sense of literary and cultural heritage. Additionally, GCA students can participate in ACSI spelling and speech regional meets each year.

Other Curriculum
In Bible, a strong emphasis is placed on application of Biblical principles and life change, rather than just head knowledge. Students will survey all major sections of Scripture, learn Bible passages and are challenged to develop a personal relationship with God. Students also attend weekly chapel services. Our Social Studies program encourages patriotism, and teaches U.S. history and geography in light of the Christian principles that make America great. This is in conjunction with covering the state standards for social studies. (Note: Ohio History /Social Studies are taught in fourth grade). The Science and Health programs help students to enjoy, understand, and investigate God's world and to encourage them to develop lifelong healthful habits. Music, art and physical education are taught by specialists in their fields. There is reading intervention available in The Learning Center for some students who qualify. We also offer a program called WINGS to encourage students to stretch and grow in higher level thinking skills and offer those students needing more of a challenge a supplemental curriculum. Finally and most importantly, the Bible and our Christian values are the common threads woven throughout all courses of study, assisting students in developing a sense of God's presence in their studies.

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