Middle School



GahannaChristian Academy recognizes the importance of quality curriculum andreading materials to achieve academic excellence in an educationalprogram. In the context of a Christian school, it is vitally importantthat the selection criteria include provisions to ensure that materialsselected will complement the mission and philosophy of the school, andwill not promote outcomes that are inconsistent with Biblical principlesand Godly character. Materials selected for the school's educationalprogram, whether printed, video, audio, personal narrative, or any othermedia, based upon the following criteria:
·Consistency with Biblical precept and principle
·Godly character development
·Fulfillment of sound educational objectives
·Social/cultural value of the material
·Meet and/or surpass the academic standards for the state of Ohio.


Textbooks and othermaterials are chosen after careful review by teachers, the curriculumcoordinator and other consultants or parents as deemed appropriate forthe course being reviewed. However, textbooks are only one part of thecurriculum. The teacher plays a vital role in implementation of thecurriculum. The curriculum will also include the teacher's knowledge,instructional tools, supplementary materials, field trips, discussions,and resource people invited to the classroom, etc. Within each classinvolving secular curriculum the teacher has the important task ofBiblical integration linking Christian philosophy, character, andScriptural truth to the lessons presented. All textbooks andsupplemental material shall be approved by the administration before usein the classroom.

Independent books to beread by students without teacher guidance must be scrutinized carefullyas we place our "stamp of approval" on books to be read for bookreports or other projects
a)Nothing questionable should be in these books.
b)There is not to be any words of profanity or vulgarity.
c)There should be no titles emphasizing other religious spirits.
d)There is to be nothing dealing with the occult, magic spells or curses.
e)There is to be nothing of a sexual nature.
f)There is to be nothing emphasizing or glorifying violence (i.e. gangs)
g) There should not be rebellion without consequences.

Materials usedin a classroom are naturally more easily controlled as to its impact onthe students. Students should be exposed to a wide variety of genrethroughout their schooling such as: biography, classical fiction,nonfiction, prejudices, realism, fantasy, poetry, drama, comedy, andChristian teachings. Older students should read and learn about variousliterature selections which have some points of controversy regardingright and wrong based on Biblical values. They should know how to debateor challenge the worlds' standard against Biblical truth. When acontroversial book is read, it will be teacher-directed using aChristian-based study guide or planned and approved method for sharingwith the class. Parents will be notified at the start of a class or bookif controversial literature will be presented. In grades 6-12: Limiteduse of material may be used that is not consistent with Biblicalprinciple and godly character if there is adequate social/cultural valueto the material and it promotes greater intellectual development inways consistent with the mission of Gahanna Christian Academy. We desirethat our older students be prepared to stand against worldlyphilosophies. Students must be trained to be spiritually wise as theyanalyze secular texts, author's points of view and grow as criticalthinkers. The teacher must submit, in writing, his/her plan for properBiblical integration and appropriate discussion from a Christianworldview of the questionable parts of the material.

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