Gahanna Christian Academy offers Cheerleading at the Varsity level, during Basketball season.

15-16 Cheerleading

Head Coach: Stacey Johnson

Our Varsity Cheerleading program requires physical fitness, flexibility, coordination and hard work! The cheerleaders use choreographed routines made from elements of tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting, to direct spectators to cheer on sports teams at games and competitions. Every year, GCA cheerleaders have the opportunity to attend the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleading Camp, participate in competitions, and cheer for various sporting events and causes.

The cheerleaders’ primary mission is to serve as ambassadors for Jesus Christ and for Gahanna Christian Academy. Dedicated to upholding Christian values, team spirit and servant leadership, the GCA cheer squad interacts with the crowd, school and community to generate Christ-like enthusiasm, encouragement, and support for our sports teams. We are dedicated to raising up strong, empowered leaders with the heart of Christ, in order to develop a community of passionate, mature, reproducing disciples who will transform the world by love, leadership, and service.