Gahanna Christian Academy offers Co-ed Soccer at the Middle School and Varsity levels.


Varsity Head Coach: Michael Fluhart, Jr. 
Varsity Assistant Coach: Lindsey Shaffer
Middle School Head Coach: Phil Ramsey

Our soccer program starts at the middle school level as we develop skills and knowledge to prepare our players to compete at the high school level. Sixth graders are allowed to play at the middle school level and can therefore gain 3 years of experience before moving up to high school. We also allow both boys and girls to play in middle school. This works in conjunction with our high school program as we only have 1 team. It's listed as a boys team as we're part of the OHSAA at the high school level but girls are allowed to play since we don't have a girl's team. Our coaches do a great job of working together so our athletes are working within the same system.


MS Soccer


Varsity Soccer