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Are you a follower or a fan?

Poem by Caitlin Jacques, 11th Grade

Are you a follower or a fan?

This question confused me when the message began.
If we are to be a follower of Jesus, shouldn’t we also be a fan?
But what I now realize is the message runs deeper.
We cannot be a fan if we want to be a follower.
When one is a fan we are simply just watching, afraid of commitment.
Oh we were supposed to be playing in the game?
We look away, coughing.
Please. No. Ask someone else. Won’t it all be the same?
We show up to every game, screaming till our voice is hoarse.
But when it’s all said and done, was there ever really a purpose.
Those are the fans.
Now the opposite is a follower.
Follower can be defined as an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause or activity.
They’re actually in the game until the last ball it teed.
See, we as Christians have the same problem.
We are stuck being fans.
When asked to be a true follower we turn them down like nobody every asked us.
We as Christians would rather stay comfortable,
instead of letting God make our lives transformable.
We’re too busy thinking that what we do is enough,
but really satan is seeing right through our bluff.
But only then when the devil attacks, do we cry out to God to help get us back.
Man, it’s about time we face reality because we’ve all turned our backs.
We need to be followers so that we may not live this life in vain.
We need to be followers so that the devil can’t lead us astray.
We need to be followers so that the world does not drive us insane.
It’s not gonna be easy, but did Jesus ever say that it would be?
Yeah we all got problems,
but we act like Christ didn’t die on the cross in order to solve them.
He said that, you must bare my suffering so that you can bring the glory through me. 
We think that Him overcoming the world for us is enough, but what we fail to realize is 
that God has given us the power to do the very same thing.
He’s the bride and He’s given us the ring.
We need to peel back the black of our torn up hearts and start being real.
We need to get up off the stands and boldly step out onto the field. 
People, in Christianity, there is no time to yield.
We rush boldly to carry out the winning play.
Jesus has cleared a path, so it’s time to rise and take a stand.
So the question is.
Will you be a follower or a fan? 

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Posted on 04/07/14 at 08:05 AM

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