Technology Toolbox

Achieve:  GCA has been implementing a school management program called Achieve.  When fully implemented the system will provide a single system for managing all aspects of the GCA information system.  Achieve will provide a single repository for:
 -- all family, student, and staff demographic information including emergency and medical information,
   -- all grades,
   -- all progress reports, report cards, and transcripts, and much more.

Achieve Portal

User Guide for Achieve Parent/Student Portal 

CONNECT!:  ConnectEDU unites students, counselors and parents throughout their high school curriculum planning, as well as college and career planning.  It provides families with innovative communication, tracking and management tools as they plan for the future.  To sign in go to

has become a standard requirement for all schools.  GCA has implemented an aggressive technology program that includes:
   -- Computers in every classroom,
   -- An updated computer lab for MS/HS students,
   -- A robust network that connects all facilities and permits secured storage of files for access
          by students and staff from any computer on campus,
   -- New projection systems available in every classroom.

  On-line classes are offered as a supplement to the GCA curriculum.  These classes are available to all high school students who have identified a course requirement that GCA cannot satisfy with an on-site class.  Students must discuss their requirements with the Guidance Counselor and be approved for the on-line class.