Gahanna Christian Academy offers Softball at the Varsity level.



Head Coach: Kisha Carroll


We operate on the principle that each of us is responsible to find the answer to success. How do you define success, today? I will ask the same question at the end of our season. Success is just winning games…or is it?

Practices afford a daily opportunity for players to make positive statements about themselves on the field and to demonstrate the quality of player they aspire to become. We want our players to be aware of the personal practice legacy they will be remembered for, at Gahanna Christian Academy. The staff and players need to understand, and agree, that practices are characterized by a high level of intensity and game-level enthusiasm.

You can expect loyalty from the coaching staff. The coaching staff must insist upon loyalty in return. We will be challenging players to maximize their physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional performance. We often conduct teaching with a great deal of pressure that calls for game-situation performance.

Our moto is, “Show modesty in victory, graciousness in defeat, and pride in our team.”